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Liability Waiver – Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC

In consideration of the use of the property, facilities and/or services of Hampton Roads, organizers of Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC, or any auxiliary organizations (auxiliaries) participating or sponsoring Recreational Sports Programs, including travel related thereto, the undersigned agrees as follows:

1. Risk Factors. The undersigned understands and acknowledges that the use of equipment, facilities and services provided by Hampton Roads Combat Games involves risks such as, but not limited to, the following which might result from the use of equipment or facilities, from the activity itself, from the acts of others, or from the unavailability of emergency or emergency medical care. Risk of property damage, bodily injury, and possible death.

2. Assumption of Risk. The undersigned assumes all risks that arise out of the use of the equipment or facilities, the activity itself, the act of others, or the unavailability of emergency care, including but not limited to, those risk factors described in section 1 above.

3. Acknowledgment of policies and procedures. The undersigned acknowledges reading and knowing all of the policies and procedures relating to the activities, facilities, and/or equipment and understands that the safe and proper use of the facilities, equipment or participation in the activity is dependent upon carefully following such policies and procedures.

4. Prerequisite skills and training. The undersigned acknowledges that he or she has the requisite skills, qualifications, physical abilities, and training necessary for proper and safe use of the equipment and facilities and to participate in the activity itself. The undersigned agrees that if he or she has any questions as to what skills, qualification or training is necessary to properly use the equipment, facility, or to participate in the activity itself, then they shall direct such questions to the appropriate staff member on site.

5. Release. The undersigned releases the corresponding city, county and/or jurisdiction, Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC, the officers, employees, photographers and agents of each and agree not to sue them on account of or in conjunction with any claims, causes or action, injuries, damage, cost of expenses arising out of the activity, including those based on death, bodily injury or property damage whether or not caused by the acts, omissions or other fault of the parties being released.

6. Waiver. The undersigned waives the protection afforded by any statute or law in any jurisdiction whose purpose, substance, and/or effect is to provide that a general release shall not extend to claims, material or otherwise which the person giving the release does not know of or suspect at the time of executing the release. This means, in part, that the undersigned is releasing unknown future claims.

7. Indemnify and Defend. The undersigned agrees to Indemnify and Defend the corresponding city, county and/or jurisdiction, Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC, auxiliary organizations, the officers, employees, photographers, and agents (hereinafter jointly referred to as “indemnitee”) of each against, and hold them harmless from any or all claims, causes of action, damage judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees which in any way arise from the activity of this agreement which include but are not limited to damages to or destruction of any property of the indemnitee, or any others, injury or death of the undersigned or anyone else or any liability arising from the act or negligent act of the indemnitee, the undersigned or anyone else.

8. Pay. The undersigned agrees to pay for any or all damages to any property or indemnitee caused by the undersigned either negligently, willfully, or otherwise.

9. Representatives. The undersigned enters into this agreement for himself/herself, his/her heirs, assigns and legal representatives.

10. Emergency Treatment Consent. The undersigned, as a participant in the subject activity, herby consents to medical treatment in a medical emergency where the undersigned is unable to consent to such treatment.

11. Insurance. The undersigned understands that Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC and its auxiliaries do not carry participant insurance. The undersigned is encouraged to have a physical examination and to purchase health insurance prior to any or all participation.

12. Acknowledgement. I hereby attest that I am fully cognizant of the risks involved in the sport of involvement and voluntarily assume the same, and agree to abide by the published policies and procedures of Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC at all times during my participation in the event. I further attest that I do not suffer from any heart, lung or other medical condition or disease that might in any way hinder or prevent me from fully participating in the sport or make me more susceptible to injury or harm while playing.

In consideration of received permission to participate in the choice of sport: (A) I hereby release, discharge and hold harmless Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC and its officers, directors, employees, members, subsidiaries, photographers, agents, successors, managers, volunteers, assigns, and any party named as an additional insured on any policy of insurance held by any of the foregoing parties, or other parties which Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC has or may be obligated to indemnify, hold harmless or to which Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC may otherwise be liable, including but not limited to all governmental or private entities which lease, rent or permit use of premises for play, recreation, pre or post game activities (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from any and all liability that may arise directly or indirectly at any time, by reason of any injury, death, damage, loss, or expense incurred in connection with (i) my participation in the sport of choice itself, or (ii) my attendance at any social or charitable event or gathering that may be organized, authorized, or paid for by the Released Parties, individual players, or any league or division organized under the Released Parties or their rules, including but not limited to “happy hours”, bar functions, and any pre-game or post-game events or gatherings;

and (B) I fully authorize Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates to use my name, likeness or image for purposes of advertising, marketing, promotion or trade without further compensation, except where prohibited by law; and I further acknowledge and agree that any images or recordings obtained or procured by Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC, or its photographers, shall be the sole and exclusive property of Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC, and may be published, broadcast or otherwise disseminated at the sole and exclusive discretion of Hampton Roads Combat Games, LLC. This Player Release Waiver shall be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, and the releases and waivers contained herein shall include damages, losses or injuries that may be caused solely or in part by the fault (including but not limited to negligence, gross negligence and/or recklessness) of the Released Parties.

We encourage booking an indoor field to avoid cancellations due to weather. Cancellations must be made 7 days before the event. Deposits are non-refundable at the greater of 30% or $100. Bookings are to be paid in full to reserve your event.

If you plan to reschedule an event, you must notify us 24 hours prior to the event to avoid fees. Rescheduling with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a 10% fee. If weather conditions become severe during an event the service will be considered complete if 50% of the time booked has passed; no refund will be made. If less than 50% of the time booked has passed you may reschedule with a 20% fee. Rescheduled events must be communicated no later than 30 days after the original event date.

All field policies are separate from our policy; please review your field policy with that vendor.

SAFETY - Policies & Procedures

All Participants
• Inform staff if you have any preexisting conditions that might affect you or others.
• No food, alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances on the marked playing field.
• Water (or the like) is recommended for hydration.
• Wear comfortable sports clothing.
• No cleats or spiked shoes. Closed toe, tennis shoes are required.
• When the referee blows the whistle, all play must stop.

Bubble Soccer
• You must remain in the bubble while play is ongoing. Remove yourself from the field if you need to exit during play.
• All straps must be secured and tight. If you have issues, remove yourself from the field and notify a ref.
• If your bubble loses any air, remove yourself from the field and notify a ref.
• No blindsided hits, No head dive tackles, and No kicking other people.
• Only bubble on bubble contact is allowed. Do not bump anyone that is not in a bubble.
• Cleats, glasses and sunglasses, jewelry, necklaces, watches, rings, piercings, hair barrettes, bobby pins, belts, chewing gum or anything that is sharp are not permitted. Sports eye goggles are permitted.
• Participants must not exceed the weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Archery Tag® 
• Masks must be worn at all times during play and/or when on the field.
• NEVER dry fire a bow (pulling the string without an arrow).
• Do not shoot any arrows with loose or missing foam tips.
• Do not use equipment to deflect, hit or deliberately contact incoming arrows. Swinging equipment at other objects can damage equipment and cause injuries. Avoid contact with any hard surface.
• Respect a safety zone of 20 feet from an opponent. Do not shoot at anyone that is 20 feet or closer, that is not on the field in play, or that is not wearing a mask.
• Make sure that your bow limbs are secure and your bow string is in the grooves on the top and bottom limbs.
• Always hold the bow by the riser (handle), NOT the limbs or bow string.
• Swords, shields, and other 3rd party products are not allowed.
• Do not move or lean on the bunkers.

The undersigned has read and understands this liability waiver agreement, policies and procedures of Hampton Roads Combat Games and realizes it relates to surrendering valuable legal rights and does so freely and voluntarily. 
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